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Family Celebration

  • Holiday Celebration

    The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year, but they can also be the most stressful, with expectations for holiday gatherings so much higher than normal day-to-day get-togethers. Translation: there's usually more work to do. Long holiday to-do lists don’t help. But Stirrings® can! Here are a few ideas to lighten your load.


    Set up a cocktail table with pitchers of premixed, holiday-themed favorites. With Stirrings® Mixers, this will be done in a snap. And don’t forget the non-alcoholic options! We’ve got some great suggestions below.


    Here at Stirrings®, you can always find our staff comparing and sharing recipes during the holidays. Beef Tenderloin is a holiday mainstay, and a delicious sauce will transform this dish from tasty, to something guests will rave about. What puts this meal over the top are warm Thyme Popovers, which we can guarantee will disappear all too quickly!


    A Christmas Tree Decorating Party can be a lot of fun, without a lot of stress. A naked tree isn’t the sign of an unprepared hostess; it’s a blank canvas that encourages guests to get creative! And it’s the kind of party that can be held any time of the day, giving you lots of menu options. Before guests arrive, have the tree set up in its stand, light a fire, and queue the Christmas carols.

    Cranberry Cocktail

    • 1.5 oz. Ciroc Red Berry
    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Mixer

    Rim martini glass with Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Rimmer.
    Shake over ice. Pour into glass.

    Cranberry Spritzer

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Mixer (or Stirrings® 5 Calorie Cosmopolitan Mixer)
    • ½ oz. Stirrings® Authentic Grenadine
    • Splash of Soda Water

    Rim a tall glass with Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Rimmer.
    Pour Stirrings® Mixer into glass over ice, and top with soda and Stirrings® Authentic Grenadine.

  • Kicking Off the Holiday Season

    When the weather turns colder, we can’t help but get into the festive mood. Warm fires, twinkling lights, toasty drinks, and togetherness seem to seep in naturally, so why not celebrate it? Friends and family don’t need much of an excuse to get together, but we’ve got some great ideas that will make an evening of holiday fun extra special. If you’re looking for a reason to get friends and family together, why not host an ornament exchange? Request that each guest bring a wrapped ornament, and organize the exchange White Elephant-style. After everyone has opened their gift, a round of “stealing” rouses the playful spirit of everyone involved. Best of all, each guest gets to go home with a souvenir from the special night.


    Punch bowls or large pitchers of seasonal cocktails will not only brighten a holiday side table, but allowing guests to get up and serve themselves will encourage mingling. Our Pomegranate Orange Sangria is easy to whip up in a big batch, and we’ve even got a non-alcoholic version so the whole family can enjoy. Cranberries and orange wheels make a great, seasonally appropriate garnish.


    A selection of appetizers so that guests can make small plates will keep the gathering from feeling too formal, and if you’d like to open up the option for guests to bring their favorite recipe to share, all the better! Choose some savory bites such as mini-quiches as well as something sweet, such as spiced cookies. ’Tis the season, after all!


    Nothing sets the stage like a crackling fire, but if you don’t have a fireplace, the same warm and cozy effect can be accomplished with candles. Varying sizes and colors can both light and decorate a serving table. Alternatively, a string of white lights woven through fir sprigs are kid-friendly and take no time at all!

    Pomegranate Orange Sangria

    • 2 oz. Stirrings® Pomegranate Mixer
    • 2 oz. Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer
    • 3 oz. Red Wine (Zinfandel or Shiraz work well)
    • Garnish Orange Wheel

    Fill a tall glass with ice, and orange and lemon slices.
    Layer in all ingredients, stir gently and garnish with an orange wheel.

    Virgin Sangria

    • 2 oz. Stirrings® Pomegranate Mixer
    • 2 oz. Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer
    • 3 oz. Ginger Ale
    • Splash of Stirrings® Blood Orange Bitters

    Fill a tall glass with ice, and orange and lemon slices.
    Layer in all ingredients, stir gently, and garnish with an orange wheel.

  • All About Mom

    When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, remember that the best present you can give is well-spent time together. Here are some entertaining ideas to help you create a memorable event for Mom. All you need is a delicious feast, elegant cocktails, and her favorite people around the dinner table to make her smile!


    Greet the guest of honor with a pretty Bellini, made with Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer, or Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer and Prosecco. Presenting a silver tray of Bellinis served in tall champagne flutes and garnished with fruit is the perfect way to start the evening.

    Another crowd-pleasing cocktail at a springtime party is spiked lemonade. We like to make our version with Smirnoff Citrus Flavored Vodka, Stirrings® Lemon Drop Mixer, and some sparkling soda water. For something lighter, skip the vodka, add more bubbles, and garnish with some fresh basil.


    Preparing a home cooked meal for a loved one is already a heartfelt gesture. For the perfect menu for Mom, we turned to our dear friend Mary Giuliani of Mary Giuliani Catering and Events. The celebrity caterer developed her passion for cooking and entertaining from her grandmother, who owned an Oceanside resort in Montauk, where she used to go as a young girl.

    Mary may have movie stars and fashion moguls as clients, but her style remains effortless and down-to-earth. Her no-fuss menu can be prepared ahead of time, served warm or at room temperature, and made with simple ingredients.
    Some of her favorite recipes for a family dinner include a mushroom herb-crusted cod loin with sautéed spinach, roasted asparagus and baby artichokes with lemon oregano aioli, and orecchiette with carmelized onions, sugar snaps and ricotta salata. She loves to finish the night with a healthy dessert of fresh fruit skewers dipped in minted whipped cream – a light yet decadent-tasting topping.


    Mother’s Day is a universally celebrated holiday and can certainly be considered one of the most sentimental. Play up the nostalgic nature of this day by setting the table with place cards made with family photos of special moments from childhood all the way up to present day. Keep the tradition going by taking new photos to be displayed at next year’s gathering, or placed in a photo album for a future gift.

    Peach Bellini

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer
    • 3 oz. Stellina di Notte Prosecco

    Place a slice of fresh peach into a champagne flute.
    Pour Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer over the top of the fruit.
    Top with Prosecco. (Hint: for a cool cocktail experience chill the Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer and the Prosecco for about an hour.)

    Blood Orange Mimosa

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer
    • 3 oz. Stellina di Notte Prosecco

    Place a fresh raspberry into a champagne flute.
    Pour Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer over the top of the fruit.
    Top with Prosecco. (Hint: for a cool cocktail experience chill the Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer and the Prosecco for about an hour.)

    Peach Rosemary Spritzer

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer
    • 3 oz. Lemon Flavored Sparkling Water
    • Fresh rosemary sprig

    Place a fresh rosemary sprig into a champagne flute or tall glass.
    Pour Stirrings® Peach Bellini Mixer over the top of the rosemary, and top with the lemon-flavored sparkling water. Delicious!

  • Father's Day

    We believe that life’s little luxuries can be found in everyday pleasures. With our busy schedules and attempts at balancing work and family, sometimes the simple things are the ones that make us smile the most. With that in mind, we suggest an approach to entertaining for Father’s Day that celebrates a return to the classics - just like Dad’s favorite pair of jeans, his vintage watch and special chair.

    Bring back fond memories by creating a menu of signature dishes that use cherished family recipes. Cooking together is half the fun, so gather up family and friends, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for a night that is all about Dad!


    While Dad may reach for his favorite brew while watching the game, this event should be marked with something a little more special. A refreshing summer cocktail, the traditional mojito gets a little kick with the additional of ginger for this new Stirrings® recipe. To make a Stirrings® Ginger Mojito, combine Stirrings® Mojito Mixer with rum and ginger ale.

    Younger family members can have a mocktail made in the same spirit as Dad’s drink. To make a Stirrings® Ginger Mojito Spritzer, put Stirrings® Mojito Mixer in a tall glass with top with ginger ale and garnish with mint.


    Give your grillmaster the night off on his special day and bring the action back into the kitchen so the whole family can be together. For creative menu ideas that are family friendly and easy-to-make, we turned to Margaret Zakarian, restaurateur and wife to famed chef and Food Network star, Geoffrey Zakarian. When the entrepreneur and marketing executive isn’t at one of her New York restaurants – The Lambs Club and The National – she’s in the kitchen with her young children preparing healthy and delicious food the whole family can enjoy.

    While cooking for a chef might sound daunting, Margaret relies on some simple recipes adapted over the years that never fail to impress. This year Father’s Day at the Zakarians will include a menu of Grape Focaccia, Great Green Salad, Margaret’s Roast Chicken and Chocolate Toast.


    For a casual dinner of salad and roast chicken at home, you can forget the fancy table settings and décor. Instead focus on creating the mood with music for your Father’s Day party. Curate a playlist that includes classic tunes by his favorite musicians. What better way to salute Dad than with songs by some of the great performing artists of all time!

    Ginger Mojito

    • 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum
    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Mojito Mixer
    • Splash Ginger Ale

    Shake rum and Stirrings® Mojito Mixer over ice. Strain into a tall glass with ice and top with a splash of ginger ale. Garnish with mint.

    Ginger Mojito Spritzer

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Mojito Mixer
    • 2 oz. Ginger Ale

    Combine both ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Garnish with mint.

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