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Quick and Easy Big Batch Cocktails

Quick and Easy Big Batch Cocktails!

With all the things in life that give you stress, entertaining shouldn't be one of them. Here are a few helpful tips that will keep you engaged with your guests longer and out of the kitchen quicker!

Big Batch Cocktails: Making your cocktails in advance can save you so much time, especially when you are hosting a dinner party, outdoor barbecue or another type of event that draws a crowd.

Use the right container, we recommend using a drink dispenser. They typically range in size from 1-2.5 gallons. Make sure it is dishwasher safe so your clean up will be just as simple. We prefer a drink dispenser that has an ice chamber, it is a good way to pre-chill your dispenser without watering down your cocktails, unless you want to of course!

Pre-slice your garnishes, you can slice them the night before while you are prepping your main course. Stick them in the fridge to chill out. To make things even simpler, buy pre sliced garnishes at the grocery store.

Measuring can be tricky but thankfully with Stirrings we give you all the information you need right on the bottle. In total, a bottle of Stirrings should produce about 8 cocktails if you follow our serving suggestion of a 2:1 ratio- (2 parts mixer, 1 part spirit). You can use a measuring cup, or jiggers to make this easier and acurate.

Here's an example, we are hosting a Cinco De Mayo party and making big batch margaritas for 20 people. The bottles of tequila that we are using are 750ml, or 25.4 oz each, same goes for our margarita mix. For 20 cocktail we would need to use 2.5 bottles of Stirrings Margarita mix and 1.25 bottles of tequila.

Set out ice, cups, cocktail napkins and straws so your guests can help themselves, or if you'd prefer to pour the cocktails yourself, use a  beverage tray so you can serve them all at once.

Making big batch cocktails is the perfect solution when entertaining a crowd. With Stirrings it is quick and easy, but most importantly it is delicious!




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