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Birthday (Hers)

So, you want to throw a birthday party for a good friend. You want it to be a surprise. You want everyone to have a great time. And you want the Guest of Honor to feel special. Easy, right? Of course it is, with a little help from Stirrings.

Toast the birthday girl with a surprise twist on a classic, the Blood Orange Martini. Don’t forget the mocktail for guests who chose not to drink.

The key to a great birthday party is to be able to spend time with the birthday girl and not be slaving in the kitchen. Try these two great tasting recipes, which can be made ahead, so that all you have to do is dress the salad and serve.

Undoubtedly, birthday parties are more fun if they have a theme. Think about what the Guest of Honor likes to do, or a place they love to visit, and come up with one based on her likes and preferences. Here are some ideas that we’ve found to be successful.

Place Theme
Mardi Gras is a perfect party theme. Masks, beads, hurricane glasses and rum cocktails can make the party a real festival. Decorate your home in a New Orleans theme, with lots of bright colors. Serve some of that famous, spicy Louisiana-inspired food and have some authentic New Orleans jazz playing in the background.

Time Theme
Setting the party theme as the decade the honoree was born is always a reliable theme. Decorate in the colors popular at the time and ask guests to dress appropriately. Food and cocktails can also reflect the time period with a twist on ingredients, garnish, and even the names you call them.

Dress for Success Cocktail with pomegranate and more - all non-alcoholic.

1 oz Stirrings® Simple Pomegranate Martini Cocktail Mixer
1 oz Club Soda
Garnish: slice of lemon

Combine Stirrings® Simple Pomegranate Martini Cocktail Mixer and Club Soda. Stir and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Sweet like strawberry, tart like citrus.

3 oz Stirrings® Simple Blood Orange Cocktail Mixer
1.5 oz Ketel One® vodka
Garnish: orange wedge

Combine ingredients in shake with plenty of ice. Strain into rimmed glass. Garnish with an orange wedge.

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