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All About Mom

Written by: Celia Chen

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, remember that the best present you can give is time together that is well spent. Here are some entertaining ideas to help you create a memorable event for your Mom. All you need is a delicious feast, elegant cocktails and her favorite people around the dinner table to make her smile.

Greet the guest of honor with a pretty Bellini, made with Stirrings Peach Bellini Mixer and Prosecco. Presenting a silver tray of Bellinis served in tall champagne flutes is a special way to start the evening.
Another crowd-pleasing cocktail at a springtime party is spiked lemonade. We like to make our version with Smirnoff Citrus Flavored Vodka, Stirrings Lemon Drop Mixer and some sparkling soda water. For something lighter, skip the vodka, add more bubbles and garnish with some fresh basil.

Preparing a home cooked meal for a loved one is already a heartfelt gesture. For the perfect menu for Mom, we turned to our dear friend Mary Giuliani of Mary Giuliani Catering and Events. The celebrity caterer developed her passion for cooking and entertaining from her grandmother, who owned an Oceanside resort in Montauk, where she used to go as a young girl.

Mary may have entertainment stars and fashion moguls as clients, but her style remains effortless and down-to-earth. Her no-fuss menu can be prepared ahead of time, served warm or at room temperature and made with simple ingredients.

Some of her favorite recipes for a family dinner include a Mushroom Herb Crusted Cod Loin with sautéed spinach, Roasted Asparagus and Baby Artichokes with lemon oregano aioli and Orrecchiette with Carmelized Onions, Sugar Snaps and Ricotta Salata. She loves to finish the night with a healthy dessert of Fresh Fruit Skewers dipped in Minted Whipped Cream, a light yet decadent-tasting topping.

Mother’s Day is a universally celebrated holiday and can certainly be considered one of the most sentimental. Play up the nostalgic nature of this day by setting the table with place cards made with family photos of special moments from childhood all the way up to present day. Keep the tradition going by taking new photos to be displayed at next year’s gathering or placed in a photo album for a future gift.

A seasoned event planner and entertaining expert, Celia Chen is the Founder and Editorial Director of Notes on a Party, an online magazine about entertaining that celebrates Events from the Inside Out™. For more inspiration, ideas and tips on party planning, visit www.notesonaparty.com

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A Highlight of the Summer Season Ingredients 3 oz Stirrings® Simple Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mixer 1.5 oz Smirnoff® Vodka Club Soda Directions Combine ingredients in a tall glass and stir.

Our version of the classic cocktail created at the famed Harry's Bar in Venice. Cheers!

1 oz Stirrings® Simple Peach Bellini Cocktail Mixer
3 oz Stellina de Notte® Prosecco

Pour Stirrings® Simple Peach Bellini Cocktail Mixer into Champagne flute and fill flute with Stellina de Notte® Prosecco.

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