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In Celebration of Love

Written by: Celia Chen

Make your Valentine’s Day an affair to remember with some creative entertaining ideas for the romantic night. For your significant other or a group of close friends, a thoughtful menu filled with signature cocktails, savory recipes and sweet treats will be much appreciated by your loved ones.

This occasion calls for a little bit of indulgence so why not serve a cocktail so decadent it could be called a dessert in a glass. The Café Ole, made with Stirrings Espresso Liqueur and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, will set the sweet tone of your evening.

Since sparkling drinks are a celebratory favorite, try champagne flutes filled with Pink Grapefruit soda and a few frozen raspberries for a non-alcoholic toast.

Preparing a romantic home-cooked meal for special someone is the perfect way to show how much you care. To avoid spending all of your time in the kitchen, stick to flavorful recipes that can be prepped in advance or prepared in a flash. A menu of baby spinach salad with hearts of palm followed by herb roasted fish and some simple sides would ensure a stress-free experience. Keep it light to save room for a molten chocolate cake for two.

Or, host a dessert-only themed party for a group of single friends! Gather an intimate party around pots of chocolate fondue with small plates of strawberries, sliced bananas, marshmallows, grilled pound cake and chunks of chocolate brownies. Guests might each have their own fork for dipping but the shared dish certainly encourages conversation and interaction.

For your Valentine’s Day fete, love should be all around you! To engage all of your senses, use décor, music and lighting to bring romance into the room.

While red roses are traditionally the chosen flower of the holiday, any pretty bloom in a pink tone – ranging from bright fuchsia to pale blush would be a lovely alternative.

Get inspired with your Valentine’s Day play list by filing it with love songs by Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Michael Buble and Taylor Swift.
Let your loved one bathe in the glow of candlelight. Place unscented votives of different heights on your dinner table and around the room to cast a warm ambiance.

A seasoned event planner and entertaining expert, Celia Chen is the Founder and Editorial Director of Notes on a Party, an online magazine about entertaining that celebrates Events from the Inside Out™. For more inspiration, ideas and tips on party planning, visit www.notesonaparty.com

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Since sparkling drinks are a celebratory favorite, try champagne flutes filled with Pink Grapefruit soda and a few frozen raspberries for a non-alcoholic toast.

6 oz Pink Grapefruit Soda
Garnish : Frozen raspberries

Fill champagne glasses with Pink Grapefruit soda, top with raspberries.

Enjoy your after dinner coffee, Stirrings Style.

.5 oz Godiva® Dark Chocolate
1 oz Stirring®s Espresso Liqueur
2 oz Milk
Garnish: Stirrings® Chocolate Martini Rimmer, cinnamon stick

In an ice filled shaker combine all the ingredients, shake well and strain into a well chilled martini glass rimmed with Stirrings® Chocolate Martini Rimmer (optional) and/or a cinnamon stick stirrer

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