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Casual Entertaining

  • Quick and Easy Big Batch Cocktails

    Quick and Easy Big Batch Cocktails!

    With all the things in life that give you stress, entertaining shouldn't be one of them. Here are a few helpful tips that will keep you engaged with your guests longer and out of the kitchen quicker!

    Big Batch Cocktails: Making your cocktails in advance can save you so much time, especially when you are hosting a dinner party, outdoor barbecue or another type of event that draws a crowd.

    Use the right container, we recommend using a drink dispenser. They typically range in size from 1-2.5 gallons. Make sure it is dishwasher safe so your clean up will be just as simple. We prefer a drink dispenser that has an ice chamber, it is a good way to pre-chill your dispenser without watering down your cocktails, unless you want to of course!

    Pre-slice your garnishes, you can slice them the night before while you are prepping your main course. Stick them in the fridge to chill out. To make things even simpler, buy pre sliced garnishes at the grocery store.

    Measuring can be tricky but thankfully with Stirrings we give you all the information you need right on the bottle. In total, a bottle of Stirrings should produce about 8 cocktails if you follow our serving suggestion of a 2:1 ratio- (2 parts mixer, 1 part spirit). You can use a measuring cup, or jiggers to make this easier and acurate.

    Here's an example, we are hosting a Cinco De Mayo party and making big batch margaritas for 20 people. The bottles of tequila that we are using are 750ml, or 25.4 oz each, same goes for our margarita mix. For 20 cocktail we would need to use 2.5 bottles of Stirrings Margarita mix and 1.25 bottles of tequila.

    Set out ice, cups, cocktail napkins and straws so your guests can help themselves, or if you'd prefer to pour the cocktails yourself, use a  beverage tray so you can serve them all at once.

    Making big batch cocktails is the perfect solution when entertaining a crowd. With Stirrings it is quick and easy, but most importantly it is delicious!




  • Blogger Recipe Challenge-Results!

    Here at the Stirrings HQ, we are so grateful to see how the blogger community has responded to our Blogger Recipe Challenge. There were so many awesome recipes, it was so hard to choose just one. We recruited an elite un-biased panel of individuals to taste and vote on their favorite cocktail. The criteria was set, the final score was based off of 50% taste, 25% creativity and 25% visuals. Take a look at our amazing winners, these are cocktails you will want to try!


    • Singers Kitchen

    Blood Orange and Thyme Cocktail For Valentine's Day

    This cocktail is the perfect balance of citrus and herbal flavors. Singers Kitchen uses our Stirrings Simple Blood Orange Martini Mix and rims the glass with Stirrings Cosmopolitan Rimmer. For the winning recipe visit Singers Kitchen.


    • Creative Culinary

    Pomegranate and Blood Orange Tequila Spritzer

    A very close competitor, this delicious cocktail that combines two of our mixes, Stirrings Pomegranate Martini Mixer and Stirrings Blood Orange Martini Mixer. This refreshing tequila based cocktail is rimmed with Stirrings Cosmopolitan Cocktail Rimmer. Check out the recipe here Creative Culinary


    Easy Cooking with Molly Pomegranate New Year's Punch

    This recipe uses both our Stirrings Simple Pomegranate Martini Mix & Stirrings Simple Lemon Drop Martini Mix. Glasses were rimmed with a combination of our Lemon Drop Rimmer & Pomegranate Rimmer.

    The Whimsy One Bonfire Nights

    An interesting cocktail that combines our Stirrings Blood Orange Martini Mix with Bourbon, Maple Syrup and Apple Cider! The Whimsy One used our Cosmopolitan Rimmer on the glasses.

    Love & Risotto Pomegranate Ginger Beer

    In this vibrant cocktail, you'll find our Stirrings Pomegranate Martini Mix. It paired well with the subtle bite of the Ginger Beer and the sweetness from our Cosmopolitan Rimmer!

  • Watching the Game

    Football season is another way to say “party every weekend.” When friends and family drop by to catch the action, it hardly matters who wins or who loses. There’s a reason it’s called the national pastime. Try this for a solid game plan:


    Every game will surely have beer, but watch their surprise when they see you’re actually serving cocktails! Cocktails like a tasty Bloody Mary are great, because they match well with spicy and salty foods (we’re talking nachos and buffalo wings). Don’t forget to offer non-alcoholic options, like the Stirrings® Sparkling Red Pomegranate Spritzer. You can prepare pitchers ahead of time so nobody’s mixing cocktails during a touchdown.


    Nothing says BIG GAME like buffalo wings, brats, and other favorites off the grill. There are many healthy and delicious options for each of these, but also remember to have something for your vegetarian friends; they deserve a tasty game day as well!


    Anyone can show up so make sure whoever does know whose side you're on. Use plates and decorations that reflect your team colors like team pennants, or even a simple custom banner – it won’t cost much and you’ll be surprised how much it pumps up team spirit.

    The Playing Field
    If you’re hosting, do a kitchen buffet set-up that lets you enjoy the game with your guests. If you think everyone might hang out in the kitchen, put dishes where people will see them and a small television on the counter that’s tuned into the game so nobody misses a single down.

    Bloody Mary

    • 1.5 oz. Ketel One Vodka
    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Bloody Mary Mixer

    Rim a tall glass with Stirrings® Bloody Mary Rimmer.
    Stir all ingredients over ice and pour into glass.
    Garnish with celery sticks, pickled beans, pickled cucumbers, and olives

    Pomegranate Spritzer

    • 3 oz. Stirrings® Pomegranate Mixer
    • ½ oz. Stirrings® Authentic Grenadine
    • Splash of Soda Water

    Rim a tall glass with Stirrings® Pomegranate Rimmer.
    Pour Stirrings® Mixer into glass over ice and top with soda and Stirrings® Authentic Grenadine.

  • Let the Games Begin

    Whether you are a Monopoly master, a poker shark, or the family Scrabble champion, Game Night at home is the perfect way to get the gang together any night of the week. The key to a successful game gathering is to pick an activity that all of your guests can play. If there are beginners in the bunch, make sure to have the rules of the game close at hand, and spend some time getting them up to speed.


    Impress your guests with some expert mixology by serving a special cocktail that goes with the theme and vibe of your party. For a casual Game Night, we like to make a big batch of Stirrings® Orange Cranberry Punch in a vintage punch bowl, with sliced oranges, lemons and cranberries for a festive touch.


    With the game as the center of attention, think about preparing crowd- pleasing favorites that can be easily replenished throughout the night. Since you’ll be playing with cards, chips or letters, stay away from sticky, greasy food such as chicken wings that will make for messy hands.

    Carla Ruben of Creative Edge Parties suggests a menu of bite-sized burgers and savory snacks that will keep guests satiated all night long. For a recent Game Night Party, the celebrity caterer served mini Yellowfin tuna burgers, puff pastry pizza, curried nut mix, sweet potato pretzels and sweet & salty popcorn.


    Look beyond the board game. For a fun, affordable activity, try playing “Celebrity.” All you need is a stack of small pieces of paper, some pens, and a bowl. Ask each guest to write down ten celebrity names including any recognizable person from pop culture, film, art, music, sports, etc. Additional names can be fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes), historical figures (Queen Elizabeth), or mythological creatures (Zeus). The goal is to guess as many names in the allotted time (one minute).

    Here’s how you play:
    Fold each piece of paper and place all names into the bowl. Guests separate into two teams. The first player selects a name from the bowl and has one minute to act and speak clues for their team to guess the celebrity name.

    Once time is up, their score is the number of correct guesses. Then the next team plays, and each group alternates until all team members have a chance to play and all names have been guessed.

    For round two, the same names go back into the bowl, but this time the team member can only say one word for their teammates to guess. For round three, the player cannot speak and must only act out the clues! The winning team is the one with the highest score from all the rounds!

    Stirrings® Orange Cranberry Punch

    • 1 750mL Bottle of Smirnoff
    • 2 Bottles of Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer
    • 1 Bottle of Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Mixer
    • Fresh Lemon and Orange Wheels and Fresh Cranberries

    Chill all the items for about an hour before making the punch.
    In a large punch bowl, combine all the ingredients and stir carefully.
    Each 5 oz. serving contains approx. 1.5 oz. of alcohol.

    Stirrings® Orange Cranberry Ginger Punch

    • 1 Bottle of Stirrings® Cosmopolitan Mixer
    • 2 Bottles of Stirrings® Blood Orange Mixer
    • 1 Liter Bottle of Ginger Ale
    • Fresh Lemon and Orange Wheels and Fresh Cranberries

    Chill all the items for about an hour before making the punch.
    In a large punch bowl, combine all the ingredients and stir carefully.

  • Girls’ Night In

    Girls just wanna have fun! There’s nothing quite like taking a night off and spending it catching up with all your closest girlfriends. The best part of a girls’ night in is showing off your cute creative flair, and that starts with cocktails!


    The cocktails, of course, need to be extra special. Something new is always fun to try and to talk about. Try the superchic Stirrings® French 75 or a Spicy Sriracha Margarita. Since sriracha sauce is all the rage this season, it will be the perfect choice to kick up a typical margarita drink.


    Keep things fun, simple and grown up by adding a bit of sophistication to the classic pizza and salad entree. Try a fresh fig, prosciutto and goat cheese pizza served with fresh green bean, arugula and fresh basil balsamic salad. A light, easy, and delicious menu will leave plenty of room for dessert. What girls’ night in would be complete without an array of chocolate goodies? Ask guests to bring their favorite chocolate indulgence to share.


    o get everyone in the spirit, give each guest a little girly flare as she arrives. Feather boas, tiaras, and beads are inexpensive and fun. You’ll be amazed how a prop instantly elevates the mood of the party.

    Since it can always turn into an unexpected night, choose opposing elements to decorate, like animal prints with hot pink accents. Use a hot pink runner for the table. If you’re on a budget, wrapping paper can double as a runner, with animal print placemats and napkins.

    For centerpieces, roll high fashion magazines into glass vases and fill with flowers (put another vase within the vase if you add water). You can even use the magazine covers to line food and drink trays. Fill martini glasses with water and floating candles, and hang small glass chandelier pieces from each glass. Place these super-cool ornaments around the house.

    French 75

    • 2 oz. Stirrings® Lemon Drop Martini Mixer
    • 1 oz. Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
    • 2 oz. Stellina de Notte Prosecco
    • Lemon Twist and a Cherry

    Layer all well-chilled items in a champagne flute. Stir gently.
    Garnish with lemon twist and a cherry.

    Virgin Sriracha Margarita

    • 4 oz. Stirrings® Margarita Mixer or 5 Cal Margarita Mixer
    • 1 Dash of Sriracha Sauce
    • Dash of lime-flavored soda water.

    Pour all ingredients into a tall glass over ice, stir gently, and garnish with a lime wheel.

  • Dining Al Fresco

    On a warm summer night with the sky filled with stars, what could be better than hosting a little dinner party Al Fresco?
    The only thing better than a serene sunset is enjoying it with delicious food, friends and a refreshing tasting cocktail in hand. Whether on a terrace, roof deck, backyard or beach, finding some outdoor space to commandeer for the night is the first step to planning your event. Then all you need is a group of your favorite people and an effortless summer menu that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

    All Stirrings Al Fresco products are on sale 30% OFF through September!
    CLICK HERE to shop Al Fresco Cocktail Collection


    Keep the mood festive by setting up a punch bowl station at your outdoor dinner party. Punch bowls are fun and easy to use, the guests can serve themselves, or you could use the same punch recipe and serve it in pitchers. (Also easy to use.)

    Stirrings has created 2 easy to make delicious punch recipes: Check them out below.


    The trick to dining outdoors is to prepare food that isn’t too delicate- items that do not need precision heating or timing and won’t wilt or fall apart in transit. Food that can be transferred from the grill to the plate in an instant is a good choice. Sauces and marinades that are packed with flavor and can be made in advance are a great choice too!


    The great outdoors provides a naturally beautiful backdrop to your dinner party.
    Think about elements that can enhance what you are already working with. If you have a stunning view, invite guests over to enjoy a cocktail while the sun is setting. Those dining in a garden could incorporate some of the same flowers into smaller arrangements on the table.

    Rosemary Lemon Punch

    • 1.5 oz Ketel One Citroen
    • 3 oz Stirrings Lemon Drop Martini Mixer
    • Fresh Rosemary
    • Garnish: Rosemary Sprig

    Method: Combine all ingredients in a Shaker with ice. Shake Vigorously
    Pour into a rocks glass and garnish with Rosemary Sprig.

    To fill a punch bowl (Serves 25): combine 25 fluid ounces Ketel One Citroen with 3 Bottles Stirrings Lemon Drop Mixer and a bunch of Fresh Rosemary. Stir ingredients
    Add ice cubes to the bowl and slices of fresh lemons.

    Pomegranate Orange Punch

    • 1.5 oz Smirnoff Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet Light
    • 3 oz Stirrings Blood Orange Mixer
    • Fresh Raspberries and Orange Slices

    Method: Combine all ingredients in a Shaker with ice. Shake Vigorously
    Pour into a rocks glass and garnish with fresh raspberries and orange slices.

    To fill a punch bowl (Serves 25): combine 25 fluid ounces Smirnoff Raspberry/Pomegranate Sorbet Light with 3 Bottles Stirrings Blood Orange Mixer and. Stir ingredients, add ice cubes to the bowl and fresh raspberries & orange slices.

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