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Simply Entertaining

At Stirrings we love sharing great food and the latest cocktail discoveries with our friends and families. It can be a small intimate dinner for two or a big Holiday Meal for the whole clan. Whatever the event, it’s a time when you can showcase your own personal style with an all natural flair, of course, and Stirrings is here to help. Cheers!
We’ve pulled together a few entertaining ideas and tips in the spirit of making sure every occasion is one to remember.
Welcome to the Stirrings Surprising Pairings program, where we are going to explore some of the most interesting food and drink trends happening all over America and where you will be able to share your drink creativity with us and win some fantastic prizes!
Stirrings Liqueurs are made with all natural flavors and artisanal craftsmanship, so that nothing gets in between you and your cocktail.