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Create a Centerpiece in 5 Minutes

Dinner parties have the ability to introduce, or contribute to, a level of chaos in your home. Ringing phones, undercooked chicken, unfinished cocktail mixes and bills piled on the dinner table don’t exactly create a celebratory atmosphere. Luckily, Stirrings has you covered when it comes to easy-to-create fresh tasting cocktails that fit any occasion. And we have the answer for creating a gorgeous centerpiece in five minutes or less. 

Containers and Flowers
Use A Unique Container 

While traditional vases serve their purpose for conservative or upscale events, you can add a fun conversation piece to the table by choosing an unusual container for your centerpiece. Here are a few ideas:

  • Soup tureen
  • Teacups
  • Decorative glass bottles
  • Pencil holders
  • Toothbrush holders 
  • Cans
  • Tea tins 
  • Pineapple or watermelon cut in half
  • Red cabbage
  • Glass jars

In fact, you likely have copious household items around that could double as festive containers. Imagine a boot transforming into a southwestern vase for your Stirrings Margaritas Fiesta. If you’re using something that is not waterproof, like a boot, protect your container by using a plastic vase. You can even use a plastic bag: Secure the top with a rubber band to keep the water and flowers from spilling. Let your imagination and the occasion guide you. 

Party Bucket
Orange Bucket
Add to a jubilant party by using a small tin bucket filled with sweets or whimsical objects. To create, fill a small tin bucket with sand. Decorate with large lollipops, pinwheels, flags, paper flowers, or table setting cards. You can actually make any type of decoration you want by cutting images from photo paper and taping them onto skewers. The world is your oyster when it comes to creating a fun centerpiece.

Fruit Plate

Fruit centerpieces have been inspiring artists for centuries. Use a combination of colors, shapes and textures to create a truly memorable piece:

  • Lemons and almonds
  • Green apples floating in water
  • Strawberries and daisies
  • Kumquats and limes

The only problem with designing a striking fruit centerpiece is you’ll incite thirstiness. Make sure that you have enough Stirrings mixers on hand. 

Nature’s Inspiration
Nature Bucket

Natural elements usher in the outdoors. Create a breathtaking centerpiece with items found right outside your home, even if you live in the city. Pine cones, twigs, fallen flowers and fall leaves look great in glass containers. Choose varying sized natural elements to add depth to your centerpiece.


Keep Tabs on Your Ideas
Not everyone can generate an interesting centerpiece idea in under five minutes. Keep a list of your ideas on the refrigerator, or check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration, so you can quickly glance at what has worked in the past. One less thing to think about as you are prepare for your next social event. It could be the difference between a well-organized affair or a burnt entree.