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Drink Seasonably - May

medium_113234360.jpgIn parts of the world, May ushers in one of the first tomato harvests of the growing season. Tomatoes have become increasing popular on cocktail menus. “ Long the stars of the farmer’s markets, heirloom tomatoes have caught bartender’s fancies in a major way.

Drink Seasonably - April


A wide variety of citrus fruits become available in April such as grapefruit, kumquats, Navel oranges and tangerines. Choose your favorite citrus fruit and create a super quick cocktail using ¾ oz. of juice, 1 ½ oz. of vodka and 1 tsp. of sugar syrup for the top.

Enjoy and always drink responsibly.

Drink Seasonably - March


Strawberries are one of the first crops to be harvested in the early spring. In many parts of the country such as Florida and Southern California, strawberries are in decent supply by early March. Take advantage of this early crop by making a strawberry mimosa. Sprinkle vanilla sugar over two cups of cut strawberries.

Brunch Party Ideas for Those Without Anything In the Fridge

The nice thing about brunch is that you can keep it simple and relaxed – it doesn’t have to be about crisp linen napkins or crab Benedict. We believe that nothing says brunch like mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar. Brunch parties are perfect for those who love entertaining, but hate long grocery lists or hours of preparation. Your refrigerator probably contains enough ingredients to host the perfect get-together. Follow some of these easy entertaining tips that won’t leave anyone knowing that you actually slept in.

The Food

Drink Seasonably - February

In many parts of the country, February is still bringing in snowy weather. Perk yourself up with a deliciously green cocktail. Kale is in season for most of the winter and early spring. You can make an extremely delicious cocktail.



Drink Seasonably - January

Wake up your taste buds from the bitter weather with a carrot martini. Carrots are one of the few vegetables that are hardy enough to live through the winter. This recipe makes 4 martinis.


To infuse the vodka for the martini:

Drink Seasonably - December

For the part of the country that is not covered with snow, tangerines are seasonal in December. Tangerines are one of the few citrus crops that are still growing in California, Louisiana and Florida. Substitute tangerine juice in your favorite Kentucky Sidecar recipe like the recipe below.

How to Throw a Fabulous Cocktail Party

153233977 (1).jpg


People are embracing the age-old tradition of throwing classic cocktail parties. There is something quintessentially glamorous about dressing up, clinking delicious cocktails and catching up with friends. Here are three approaches you can take when hosting a party:

Bacon Cocktails

Bacon truly tastes great with just about anything, so it’s only natural that it would work well in a cocktail. Bars from Los Angeles to New York have started to feature bacon cocktails on their menus. Lucky patrons get the chance to sip bacon-infused spirits while nibbling on garnishes such as bacon wrapped fried olives. Many mixologists push the boundaries of bacon experimentation by smoking bacon prior to infusing the meat with a spirit. The result is a smoky bacon flavored spirit that tastes more like a savory indulgence than a classic cocktail.

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