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The fruit with a name that’s fun to say makes cocktails that are even more fun to sip.
Finally! A low-cal Cosmo with a taste you can count on! No added sugar, no preservatives, no guilt.
What’s more fun than a skinny minnie Margarita? No added sugar, no preservatives, no guilt.
Delicious to the core.
You don't see this fruit very much, but it sure makes a grand entrance.
They're not just for breakfast anymore. Especially when they turn out this good.
Even its nickname is classy.
The natural taste of this mixer gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “fruit cocktail.”
Rocks, frozen, salt or not, nothing says “That’s what I’m talking about” better than a good Margarita.
The variety of great cocktails this mixer makes possible will surprise you. The freshness and simplicity won’t.
So much fantastic food and drink comes from Italy and this fun-to-serve cocktail is no exception.
A great big fruit with a great big taste.