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Let the Games Begin!

Written by: Celia Chen


Whether you are a Monopoly master, a poker shark or the family Scrabble champion, Game Night at home is the perfect way to get the gang together any night of the week. The key to a successful game-centric gathering is to pick an activity that all of your guests can play. If there are beginners in the bunch, make sure to have the rules of the game close at hand and spend some time getting them up to speed.

Impress your guests with some expert mixology by serving a special cocktail that goes with the theme and vibe of your party. For a casual Game Night, we like to make a big batch of Stirrings Valencia Sangria in a vintage punch bowl with sliced oranges, lemons and limes for a festive touch.

With the game as the center of attention, think about preparing crowd- pleasing favorites that can be easily replenished throughout the night. Since you’ll be playing with cards, chips or letters, stay away from sticky, greasy food such as chicken wings that will make for messy hands.
Carla Ruben of Creative Edge Parties suggests a menu of bite sized burgers and savory snacks that will keep guests satiated all night long. For a recent Game Night Party, the celebrity caterer served Mini Yellow Fin Tuna Burgers, Puff Pastry Pizza, Curried Nut Mix, Sweet Potato Pretzels and Sweet & Salty Popcorn.

Look beyond the board game. For a fun, affordable activity, try playing “Celebrity.” All you need is a stack of small pieces of paper, some pens and a bowl. Ask each guest to write down ten celebrity names including any recognizable person from pop culture, film, art, music, sports etc. Additional names can be fictional characters (Sherlock Holmes), historical figures (Queen Elizabeth) or mythological creatures (Zeus). The goal is to guess as many names in the allotted time (one minute).

Here’s how you play:
Fold each piece of paper and place all names into the bowl. Guests separate into two teams. The first player selects a name from the bowl and has one minute to act and speak clues for their team to guess the celebrity name.

Once time is up, their score is the number of correct guesses. Then the next team plays and each group alternates until all team members have a chance to play and all names have been guessed.

For round two, the same names go back into the bowl but this time the team member can only say one word for their teammates to guess. For round three, the player cannot speak and must act out the clues.

The winning team is the one with the highest score from all the rounds!

A seasoned event planner and entertaining expert, Celia Chen is the Founder and Editorial Director of Notes on a Party, an online magazine about entertaining that celebrates Events from the Inside Out™. For more inspiration, ideas and tips on party planning, visit www.notesonaparty.com

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Ingredients 1 oz Stirrings® Simple Red Sangria Cocktail Mixer 1 oz Stirrings® Triple Sec Liqueur Directions Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well, pour over ice and enjoy!

The Mojito is a sparkling blend of sugar, mint and lime.

1 oz Stirrings® Simple Mojito Cocktail Mixer
1 oz Club Soda

Combine Club Soda and Stirrings® Simple Mojito Cocktail Mixer over a glass of ice.

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