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In Season

Bring On Sunday-Funday!

Written by: Celia Chen


As the days grow longer and temperatures begin to rise, we slowly emerge from our winter cocoons to embrace this lighter, brighter time of year. Celebrate the fresh new season by hosting a Sunday-Funday complete with playful cocktails and delicious bites. Follow these entertaining ideas for a casual all-day brunch and your guests will welcome the invitation to attend your Spring Fling!

The vibrant color and tart taste of blood oranges is an original touch to the traditional Stirrings Margarita. Serve in short rocks glasses with a swirl of lime peel or a spring of cilantro. For the adventurous palette, infuse the tequila with a few slices of jalapeno. For a non-alcoholic citrus punch, mix Stirrings Blood Orange Mixer with freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice with a splash of lime.

What could be more symbolic of the season of rebirth than the egg. If you are hosting a Sunday-Funday, whip up a quick frittata with any meat, cheese and vegetable combination of your liking. It’s an easy dish that cooks on low heat on the stove then finishes in the oven allowing you time to make a quick salad, batch some cocktails or just hang out with your guests.

One of our favorite brunch menus includes an Apple and Watercress Salad, Frittata with Asparagus, Ham and Gruyere and, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. For dessert, serve miniature Vanilla Cupcakes on little tiered stands. During the meal, the dessert acts like a décor item sitting pretty on your table. When you are ready to eat them, guests can help themselves. Try adding edible flowers to the cupcakes for a sweet springtime accent.

Brighten up your brunch table with hues of orange, pink and yellow. Use either a printed scarf or patterned material from any local fabric store to dress your table. To keep things simple, stick to all white dinnerware and platters for serving. The clean palette will let the natural colors of the food be the focal point of the plate!

If you want to decorate with spring florals but don’t have time to make an arrangement, try putting small bunches of sweet peas or tulips in silver mint julep cups. It’s a chic presentation that doesn’t take a lot of skill to create!

Remember that an all-day brunch with friends and family can be a casual affair filled with lively conversation or just an opportunity to chill out with your nearest and dearest. Keep guests entertained while you prepare the meal by having a selection of the weekend papers handy, especially the Sunday crosswords!

A seasoned event planner and entertaining expert, Celia Chen is the Founder and Editorial Director of Notes on a Party, an online magazine about entertaining that celebrates Events from the Inside Out™. For more inspiration, ideas and tips on party planning, visit www.notesonaparty.com

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Oh sweet tart bloody tequila.

1 oz Stirrings® Simple Blood Orange Martini Cocktail Mixer
1 oz Stirrings® Simple Margarita Cocktail Mixer
1.5 oz Don Julio® Blanco
Fresh lime

Shake well with ice in a shaker and serve up in a margarita or on the rocks in a highball glass with or without a salted rim. Top with a squeeze of fresh lime.

4 oz Stirrings® Simple Blood Orange Cocktail Mixer
2 oz Fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice
Splash of lime

Mix ingredients and pour into ice filled glass.

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