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Host a Remote Cocktail Hour

Living near family and friends is a luxury not shared by all. In fact, research indicates that 43 percent of the population has moved outside of the state that they consider home.  Likewise, it can be hard to get people all together for a happy hour or cocktails even when they live near you. Life’s hectic pace can turn people into strangers if you aren’t vigilant about scheduling time with those you love. By hosting a cocktail time remotely, you are able to catch up, laugh and remember the past in a fun and unusual way thanks to technology. 

Setting Up the Event

On the beachCreate a time that works best with you and your loved ones’ schedules. Not everyone may be able to make it, but you don’t have to host just one. If you make it a weekly or monthly event, it gives people something to look forward to and lets you keep a routine that you can count on for being with friends and family. Choose a particular forum. There are plenty of different options available to you: 

  • Phone
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts (all you need is a Gmail account)
  • Facebook Video Calling
  • Tinychat
  • FaceTime

These are only a few options. Search online or ask around for face-to-face video forums. Be sure to give everyone clear directions on how to set up an account or attend the cocktail hour.

Cocktail Ideas

Watermelon MartiniSelect a cocktail recipe or mix to make. It’s fun if everyone is drinking the same cocktail, but letting people make their own is a great conversation topic. Since people have crazy schedules and some may not have enough time to juice fruit or cut up produce for cocktails, choose something simple. Stirrings has a whole host of mixes that are fresh and as easy as twisting off the top of a bottle. You may even go with a theme depending on the time of year. Watermelon Martinis in the summer are cool and refreshing, you can do hot toddies in the fall to contribute to the mood of the season.


Not everyone may want to be crunching on the phone or via a video conferencing website during a cocktail hour. However, it’s entertaining to make something that you can talk about. You may even give people a basic recipe or idea that would allow them to personalize it. For instance, chicken salads, deviled eggs, onion dips and guacamole are all easy for people to prepare with their own twists. Send out a base recipe and see what variations people come up with. 

Create the Mood

Create a quiet area of your home for the cocktail hour. You can set up things that you’ve been wanting to show people like outfits, pictures, magazines or makeup to your party area. If you are having your cocktail hour over the phone, email pictures to people so they can be looking at them as you are discussing. If you have a favorite television show or movie, it’s also enjoyable, and often lively, to watch and discuss it during cocktail hour.

 Remote Cocktail HourCocktail hour

Plan to Do It Again

Set up a schedule for your remote cocktail hour. Even if everyone can’t show up, they will know when the next one has been scheduled. Remote cocktail hours are such a great way to connect to moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, high school friends, old neighbors, and so on. Because friends and family shape and contribute to our lives, it’s worth the time and effort to stay in touch.